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The Military Technical College is honored to organize the 9th International Conference on Chemical and Environmental Engineering (ICEE) in the period 3-5 April 2018 sponsored by the Egyptian Ministry of Defense. The conference provides a valuable opportunity to exchange, update the knowledge and stimulate discussions on recent developments and research activities.

Current Issue: Volume 9, 9th International Conference on Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Spring 2018 

4. Combustion characteristics of extruded nitramine double-base propellants

Pages 71-84

Ashraf M. A. Elghafour; Mostafa A. Radwan; Hosam E. Mostafa; Ahmed Fahd; Sherif Elbasuney

5. Simulation of Ammonia Production from Synthesis Gas

Pages 85-95

Nabil Abdel El Moneim; Ibrahim Ismail; Nasser. M. M

6. Comparison between the Effect of using Similar Wedges and Opposed Wedges in Brain Tumor Cases

Pages 97-112

Shaimaa G. Ghazy; Amr Abdelaziz A; Heba S Ramadan; Sabbah I. Hammoury; Yasser I. Khedr; Metwally A. Kotb

7. Exposure to mobile phones and its biophysical, biochemical and hematological effects

Pages 113-131

Kotb M A; Ramadan H S; Siam M E; Abd-Elaziz M M; Yasser I. Khedr

10. Evaluation of Chromium (Cr III) Adsorption using Modified Chitosan from Different pH Aqueous Solutions

Pages 180-203

Magdy A. Wassel; Anwar. A. Wassel; Mahmoud Fathy; Rasha Hosny; O. H. Abdelraheem

19. Thermal Decomposition Properties of Gamma-Irradiated Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)/Methyl Cellulose (MC) Blends

Pages 339-357

Magdy M. Senna; Reham H. Helal; Tahia A. Mostafa; Abdel Wahab M. El-Naggar

20. Analysis of naturally occurring radioactive materials in environmental samples using gamma spectrometry

Pages 356-370

Omar Abo Bakr Omar; Mohamed A.E. Abdel-Rahman; Sayed A. El-mongy

25. K-M Reactor, New Technology for Core shell Materials

Pages 411-411

M. A. AbdelKawy; A. El-Shazly

28. Innovating tools for monitoring pollutants in aquatic environments

Pages 442-443

Gaelle CATANANTE; Akhtar HAYAT; Jean Louis MARTY

29. Biosensor-based real-time monitoring of pollutants degradation processes in water

Pages 444-444


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