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The Military Technical College is honored to organize the 9th International Conference on Chemical and Environmental Engineering (ICEE) in the period 3-5 April 2018 sponsored by the Egyptian Ministry of Defense. The conference provides a valuable opportunity to exchange, update the knowledge and stimulate discussions on recent developments and research activities.

Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 10, July 2020 

Effect of pyrolysis temperature on the synthesis of high-quality MWCNTs by CVD method

Pages 1-10

Omar Abdel Aziz; Tamer Z. Wafy; Mahmoud Abdelhafiz; Mohamed A. Elsayed

Assessment of antioxidant resistance to thermal - oxidative degradation of stabilized polybutadiene binder

Pages 1-9

Eslam Elsaka; Sherif Elbasuney; Ahmed Elbeih; Hosam E. Mostafa; Mahmoud E. Awad; Tarek M. Elhedery

The Potentials of Aluminium Nanoparticles: Novel High Energy Density Material for Underwater Explosions

Pages 1-17

Sherif Elbasuney; M. Gaber Zaky; Mostafa Radwan; Mohamed Bennaya; Sherif M. Abdelkhalek

Physico chemical studies for water at Rosetta branch of river Nile, Egypt

Pages 1-20

M S Masoud; A M Ismail; H M kamel; A S El-Kholany; A A M ElKasas

Mineralogical and radiometric studies of granitic rocks in Wadi Sabbagh area, south Sinai, Egypt

Pages 1-22

Mira, H. I.; El-Gharbawy, R. I.; Elmowafy, A. A.; Osman, A. F.; El maadawy, W. M.

Bioleaching of uranium from el-sella ore material using epicoccum nigrum

Pages 1-9

Azhar M Elsayad; Shimaa S Hussien; Mohamed G Mahfouz; Abdou A El Mougith; Wesam A Hassanien

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